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Conversion Optimisation Detective Jim KinlochConversion Detectives set up as a Digital Marketing agency in Hertfordshire in April 2011.  We work all over the UK.

I’m Jim Kinloch, the owner of Conversion Detectives Ltd and welcome to the site. It’ll take you about 4 minutes to read this page or 30 seconds to scan and see if you want to take it any further.


Digital Marketing Agency

First of all a ‘digital marketing agency’ covers a multitude of online marketing disciplines and so we’re not all alike.



Digital Growth Agency

I styled the company as a Digital Growth Agency using a ‘Digital Growth Methodology’ (that’s one we made earlier) using disciplines like Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) because CRO is a significant method in creating profit.


Lucy Bee Organic Traffic

Lucy Bee Organic Traffic Growth

Foundation: Analytics

But online marketing working at its most efficient is a blend of science and art. We use ‘science’ (data), that is the use of analytics software. But we also use analytics to benchmark where a company is and report on the actions we create through your Key Performance Indicators and analytical goals like a visitor filling a form or watching a video.


Foundation: Content Marketing

This is where the art comes in. Create content (I know a jargon word). Content that visitors, clients and customers enjoy.  If visitors/followers enjoy themselves they are more prone to buy and also to share (free advertising).


Conversion Detectives Create

We access your business digitally. Then we create stuff. Stuff we can report on. Did it work?

Are we true creatives?

Well, I write comedy, one of our other detectives is a trained actor with TV and advert credits, another a musician in his spare time.


Analytics & Ideas

Analytics, that’s the foundation. On top of the analytics, we try ideas, not just information and imagery but also what to test in your online world.

This could be new elements of your Home page, SEO for voice, live chat, email segmentation, types of video (the professional v the homemade) and so much more, it just depends on what you want, what you have and where you would like your digital business to go…


Foundation: The Hub

Your Website is the hub of what you do, so you get that in order as everything you do online revolves around your site. You own it along with the data, unlike social platforms where the data is owned by the network.

  • Site Speed
  • Security
  • SEO (technical and on the page)

These are the cornerstones of your ‘hub.’ Get these in order, well, get them into a healthy state, the best possible state before blending in all the other things that make up digital marketing.



If you made it this far then let’s have a chat and see if we want to work together?

All the best,

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Jim Kinloch

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