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Bold, Research, Elements, Method, Sanity

Do you know what a Landing Page does? It’s simple isn’t it? Just plonk your traffic on a page and watch it ‘convert.’



Instinct v Method

I love testing my instinct and my experience on Ann Holland’s Which Test Won site. I signed up to the site so every week I get an email asking ‘How good is your gut?’ So I got the first 7 weeks right. Then I got the next 9 weeks wrong. Landing Page conversion isn’t simple. Instinct is great but it’s only an opinion.

Method in Your Sanity

Get a method that works for your site. Conversion Rate Optimisation is about being your own detective and it’s also important to research everything that can give you a clue, from your competitor sites to your traffic sources.

My Opinion Your Site

Now I like to think that I know that I don’t know anything. The customer is always right. They will be the judges of your site.

Hint of Annoyance

Do you know what annoys me the most about testing landing pages? Too many opinions that stem from ‘magic bullet’ theory…’change the call to action button to RED!’ It makes more sense to break down every element of the page (after using heat map software and usability tests to see what visitors are doing on site) and then test your alternatives.

My Opinion

Jim Kinloch Conversion Detective

Have method in your sanity. Create your list of what to test and start with the most dramatic, the boldest changes are going to have the biggest impact. OK that bold change may decrease your conversion but you’ll know something that doesn’t work for YOUR customers.



Sam Says

Sam Georgeson Conversion Detective

Jim knows a lot about online marketing but he’s happy to say when he doesn’t understand something, then he goes off and does loads of research and comes back wiser. He’s a GEEK! is a matter of opinion…or is it?

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