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Page Load Time in 3 Words:

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Site Speed Racers

I remember being at a Google Retail Summit a couple of years ago and my over riding impression was the desire for search enquires to be instant. Almost every time a Google person did a search they’d comment on the time the search took.

Over at the Google Conversion Room Blog

Here’s a handy post about measuring page load time with a Google Analytics Report.

You can report on:-

  • Which landing pages are the slowest to load
  • Report on which campaigns correspond to faster page loads
  • How load time varies by geography
  • Different browser load times

Conversion Thinking

How does site speed affect how your visitors convert to sales? I would think site speed will affect how much traffic you get from Google (currently 90%+ of the search market) but I don’t believe it has a huge impact on conversion.

Frustration Means Bounces

For a small site, as long as you haven’t done anything silly (like megabytes of images) you are going to be fine. Having said that I believe you should make an effort to test the page load time and do everything to optimize the time it takes to load. A visitor will put up with the occasional slowness BUT if it keeps happening you are likely to lose them without them buying or filling in that form.

Site Speed Tools

Create a custom report in Google Example

My Opinion

Testing your site speed load time should be a regular practice and most certainly done after any major work.


Sam Says

I whole heartily agree with Mr Jim. Visitors are a lot less patient now.

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