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KISSinsights in 5 Words

Survey, Feedback, Simple, Useful, Insight

What is it?

It’s a simple survey tool. It’s so simple, so very simple because you ask one question. This makes you think. If I could ask only one question of my visitors what would it be?







KISSinsights Example

How Simple, How Useful

It’s as simple as pasting some code into your pages to get started. Then it gives you the one thing that analytic software can’t. It gives you a ‘why?’ Because it is one question and presented in a well formatted way it doesn’t appear obtrusive.

Top Questions

For the free version you are limited to some set questions but they are all relevant. Yes you don’t have your own branding on the survey but that’s not a big problem because you get to ask and find out from questions as simple and as useful as ‘Why did you visit this site today?”

Burning Questions

I bet you have lots of burning questions for your site. Make a list of them now and then visit the KISSInsights site to get them answered.

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