Conversion Killer Winners

Conversion Killer Winners

Conversion Killer Winners in 5 Words

Long Page, Longer Page, Wallpaper

Positive Take

This article on Econsutlancy stirred a tiny bit of controversy. How do you turn your site conversion killers into winners?

The article by Fabian Alvares has a comment comparing what it advocates with one of those long ‘sales letter’ pages beloved by some marketers. What I liked about it most was the idea of tackling conversion by using all the negative elements of a web page and turning them into positive and useful.

It’s persuasion after all. A visitor votes very quickly by leaving if they don’t like the tone or the over the top sales vibe.

Conversation Being…

Do you use overt sales language, in every conversation, demanding that people buy from you NOW! No you don’t because it’s not conversation. The word ‘relationship’ is over used in marketing for a reason. That’s what we want, a relationship with real people, who are our customers. They are not “visitors” they are not “uniques.” They are human beings so ‘talk’ to them.

My Opinion

I thought it a well argued piece with lots of useful tips on conversion and compares with…


Sam Says

Don’t tell me that Million Dollar Landing Page Article from the Conversion Rate Experts [Requires email sign up].


Jim Says

Yes I know I bang on about that article and look at Amazon pages they’re like wallpaper.


Sam Says

Damask or Flock?


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